ePOS-Print API controls POS printers for web applications using XML data.TM printers supported by ePOS-Print can print directly from PC, tablet or smart phone web browsers.. In addition, print images rendered in HTML5 Canvas can also be printed.

ePOS-Print API is available with the following products:

  • TM-T88V-i/iHub (TM-i Firmware ver.3.x or earlier)
  • TM-T70-i/iHub (TM-i Firmware ver.3.x or earlier)

The TM-i firmware upgrade (Ver.4.0 or later) for the TM-T70-i and TM-T88V-i contains ePOS-Device SDK.

Normally, when you print a receipt from a mobile device, you have to develop the printing application to meet the OS of the mobile device, and then install the printer driver for each device.

A web application on a mobile device using ePOS-Print API can print directly byXML data to TM-i, TM mobile printer or to TM printers through TM-i. This means that, using ePOS-Print API, you don't need to install a printer driver on each mobile device, and you can control the receipt printer simply and easily.

ePOS-Print provides two APIs; ePOS-Print API and ePOS-Print Canvas API. ePOS-Print API allows device fonts to be used for printing, and barcode printing. ePOS-Print Canvas API allows printing of images to rendered in HTML5 Canvas, and TrueType fonts to be used for printing.

For more details, please refer to ePOS-Print API Users manual, which can be linked at TM-i series Download page.