Communication Box is a simple way to send messages between applications using TM-Intelligent printers.


Normally, implementing a message system requires a good understanding of the communication system, as well as factors such as installation and how to handle errors should they arise. Communication Box is a messaging system that also covers processes such as saving and synchronising messages and recovering from disconnections.

With Communication Box, you can create groups containing multiple devices. This allows the user to send messages to all devices in the group as well as sending messages to a specific device. The transmitted messages are saved on Communication Box, meaning devices that were not connected at the time can receive the message when they are connected again.


Displaying information to customers

Place a smart device at the register, facing the customer. As a products’ barcode is read by a scanner connected to a TM-Intelligent printer, the product information is displayed on the smart device for the customer to see.


Place a smart device at the reception desk, facing the customer. The reservation details entered are displayed for the customer to see.

Digital signage

Smart devices could be placed in different product areas within a shop premises. These would all be controlled by another smart device in an back-office or administration area. This device could be programmed to tell all the other devices to display suitable advertisements.

Busy restaurant environments - Order Entry System (OES)

Build better communication between kitchen and waiting staff. Place orders on smart devices front-of-house, which are displayed in the kitchen. These can be accepted by kitchen staff, who can also use the device to inform waiting staff when the food is ready.

You can use the following development tools to implement a system with Communication Box. You can group devices that run application software developed by different development tools. See the User Manual of each development tool for more information on Communication Box.

  • ePOS-Device SDK for JavaScript
  • ePOS-Device SDK for Android *
  • ePOS-Device SDK for iOS *
  • ePOS-Device XML

[Note] *: TM-i printer with TM-i firmware version 4.0 or later