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Dot Matrix printers: How to assemble a double-bin single and high capacity CSF


  • Dot Matrix printers
  • Assembling a double-bin single and high capacity cut sheet feeder



This article uses the FX-890 model as an example, but can be used as guidance for other models. Refer to the user's guide for your printer for more information.

  1. Single CSF: C12C806372 (50 sheets)
  2. High capacity CSF: C12C806382 (150 sheets)

    Using two CSFs allows a paper capacity of up to 200 sheets. As two CSFs can be used, two types of paper can be used with this configuration. On the control panel of most dot matrix printers, you will see LEDs for 'Bin1' and 'Bin2', which indicate the different paper loading positions.

    When the double-bin cut-sheet feeder is installed, the high-capacity cut-sheet feeder becomes 'Bin 1' and the single-bin cut-sheet feeder becomes 'Bin 2' for paper path selection purposes.

    It is best to select the paper path in your application program because software settings usually override the printer's control panel settings. However, if you cannot select the paper path in your application, select a path by pressing the Tear Off/Bin button until the light indicates the 'Bin' you want, as shown below.

    CSF Preparation:

    1. Insert the stacker supports on each paper guide (provided with the printer).

    2. Insert the paper feeder rests onto the paper guide of the CSF. Three are provided with the single CSF (C12C806372), and two with the high capacity CSF (C12C806382).

    Assembling the double-bin single and high capacity CSF unit:

    Please follow the process here below:

    1. Remove the gear cover from the back of the high-capacity cut-sheet feeder by pressing the tab down and pulling the cover backwards. Store it in a safe place.

    2. Hold the single-bin cut-sheet feeder in both hands. Fit the notches in the single-bin CSF over the mounting posts on the back of the high capacity CSF.

    3. Lock the two cut sheet feeders together by pushing firmly on the tab locks.

    4. Ensure that the white gear (a.) turns and is in contact with the black gear of the high capacity CSF.

    5. The single bin CSF (50 sheets) and the high capacity CSF (150 sheets) should now be assembled and can be installed onto the printer.

    Installing the double-bin CSF onto the printer:

    1. Make sure the printer is powered off. Then open the paper guide cover by pulling its back edge towards you.

    2. Remove the paper guide by moving it to the upright position and pulling it straight up. Lift the printer cover by its back edge and then pull it straight up and off the printer.

    3. Holding the cut-sheet feeder in both hands, press down on the latch levers and fit the notches over the printer's mounting posts, as shown below. Release the latch levers to lock the feeder in place.

    4. To replace the printer cover, first insert the front tabs into the slots on the printer, then lower the cover into place.

      The double-bin CSF is now installed.

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