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How do I install the Perforation Cutter and Receipt Output Tray on the DFX-9000?


  • DFX-9000 Dot Matrix printer
  • Perforation Cutter and Receipt Output Tray installation


This FAQ shows you how to install the Perforation Cutter for the Receipt Output Tray on the DFX-9000. Below you can see an out-of-the box image of these items.

Perforation Cutter

Part Number Reference: C12C815072

  1. Unpack the Receipt Output Tray and the Perforation Cutter from the carton box.

    Carton box

  2. Take out the protective material from the Perforation Cutter.

    Perf Cutter

  3. Turn the cover forwards (1). Unscrew the two screws on the left side (shown in 2) and right side (shown in 3) which maintains the Paper Guide.

    (1) (2) (3)
    Cover Left screw Right screw

  4. Open the rear unit and remove the Paper Guide.

    Paper Guide

    Caution Icon Caution:

    The Perforation Cutter is heavy, use appropriate action when moving it, use the handle attached for support.

  5. Install the Perforation Cutter in the specific emplacements in each side, as shown below (4) and (5).

    (4) (5)
    Install Perf Cutter A Install Perf Cutter B

  6. Ensure that each shaft on both sides are correctly inserted into the housings, as shown in (6) and (7).

    (6) (7)
    Install Perf Cutter C Install Perf Cutter D

  7. Connect the I/F cable into the port on the left side (from back side).

    I/F Cable Connector

  8. Close the rear cover.

    Rear Cover

  9. Insert the supports for the Receipt Output Tray into the holes of the Perforation Cutter on both sides.

    (a) (b)
    Receipt Output Tray support A Receipt Output Tray support B

  10. Hang the Receipt Output Tray on the support.

    Hang Receipt Output Tray

  11. The final configuration should now match the example below.

    Final Config.

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